Monday, October 24, 2011

Taking Shape

Things are changing around here.
Furniture moving.
Vignettes arranging.

For instance ...

Not perfect yet. And has since been tweaked.
BUT Shiva seems to need a jungle. I think she likes it there.

And poor Erebos. Too much excitement for him.

Couldn't even open his eyes for me.

And Marishi enjoyed the currently empty credenza top and an open window.

Laser eyes: engaged!


Apartment has been in a bit of chaos since my "roomie" moved in. As we have a bit of par-tay happening this weekend, it was a good kick in the pants to get more settled. It's all coming together ...

And soon, I shall share more pictures of home.

You know, when it's "perfect" ...
Yeah. Like THAT will ever happen! Maybe when it's presentable enough for my liking! Ha!

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