Sunday, October 2, 2011

I'll Get You, My Little Pretty

Do you remember this scene from The Wizard of Oz?
Ahh, that beautiful poppy field!

Today, poppies are synonymous with opium and failed drug tests.
Let's face it, we've all eaten a poppy seed muffin and been like "oh, I hope they don't random drug test at work today!"

But the fact of the matter is, poppies are pretty!

... and so is my new tote bag!

I made this bag H-U-G-E!
I wanted to be able to tote some sewing stuff around.

Seriously, you can't tell the scale here, but this beast is like 21" tall and 15" wide. This behemoth holds almost everything I need!

And ...

... my first interior pocket!

I did not make my own handles/straps this time. I was anxious to get home for homemade pizza and I wanted to use up some woven strapping I had bought a while back.

Love it!


  1. I love your bag... I am really jealous!!

  2. oh my - you make the loveliest bags and purses! and i love the interior pocket!